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Important Google Analytics KPIs based on Website Type

February 09, 2017 by Ashley Poag

It’s estimated that around 30-50 million websites use Google analytics to track and analyze their website data. They are the number one website tracking software available. It’s safe to say Google has somewhat of a monopoly on the SEO market. When we examine the platform’s capabilities we understand why. Google analytics software can track up to 20 different custom dimensions in one place at no charge to the user. You have several options for custom dashboards and Google has been tracking metrics for over ten years.

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3 Web Design Trends and 10 Statistics That Support Them

February 02, 2017 by Ashley Poag

There have been many predictions about what web design trends are most important for 2017. It really depends on your audience and business as to which ones are right for you. Generally there are some reoccurring or consistent themes like personalization, responsive design and speed. We’ve put together three trends that we think are unique but fall within those categories. We’ve also assembled some statistics from various sources that support how well they can work for a website.

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