6 Elements to an Effective Kentico Welcome Email

June 27, 2016 by

“First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes”. ~Elliott Abrams


We give emails even less time to make a good impression. This is why your welcome email has to be awesome. It’s your subscribers first impression of what type of content and communication they can expect from you. We’ve used Kentico CMS to help clients implement email campaigns into their marketing automation solutions. As a part of their customer engagement strategy we also help them craft powerful welcome emails. In order to craft a good email you have to consider a few key elements. We’ve outlined 6 that we believe are very important.

  1. The Message: Your messages should be warm and inviting. You want the subscriber to know that you are genuinely excited that they've decided to join your mailing list. Using personalization features are a great way to make the email feel warm. Expressing gratitude is also important. Let them know that because they signed up they get to enjoy awesome deals or get first hand knowledge on promotions. The subject line of the email is a great place to include personalization. Example: “Stacy, welcome to the BP Studios family” Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

  2. Call To Action: Although it's a welcome campaign you still want to include a strong call to action. The most effective CTAs are simple, straight to the point and stand out among all the other text and images in the email. “Call Now” or “Shop Now” buttons that are a different color from the rest of the email can generate a lot of clicks.

  3. Image to Text Ratio: To avoid issues with spam you want to follow a 20 percent image to 80 percent text guideline. This balance will lessen the likelihood of your images not loading and the subscriber automatically deleting your email because they believe it’s spam. Some people only want to use a single graphic. Create balance by using the footer for text such as your address.

  4. Mobile Friendly: 66 percent of all US email is opened on a mobile phone or tablet. It’s imperative that your email be mobile friendly. You also want to test how it looks on multiple devices. A few general guidelines; Use a single column template, don’t stack links and stay under 600 pixels wide.

  5. Social Sharing: You’ve crafted a beautiful email. Wouldn’t it be nice if your subscribers shared it with all their friends? You can also help them learn more about you by linking to your company's social media accounts.

  6. Relevancy: Although you have done your persona research you still may not know much about each of your new subscribers. Use what you do know about your audience to craft a relevant message. Think about what your audience is going to be most interested in. To increase relevancy moving forward you can include a survey asking subscribers what they want to receive from you in their inbox.


Check out these examples of great welcome emails

Some, like the one below may have been created using Kentico CMS.

Kentico Email

Do you have a welcome email that you believe is really effective? How do you measure success and what is it you feel has set your emails apart and helped you gain opens and clicks?


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