5 Creative ways to Generate More Leads and Engage with Your Customers

March 10, 2016 by Ashley Poag

Creative Lead Generation

The internet is such a profound tool that’s created amazing opportunities for growth and customer engagement strategies for your business. But, as more companies establish an online presence, the competition gets tighter. You’ve created a sound digital marketing strategy that includes marketing automation but now you’re finding you have to be more creative in driving traffic and sourcing leads. BP Studios wants to help you get your creative marketing juices flowing so that you can generate more leads and develop better customer engagement strategies.

We’ve come up with 5 creative ways to generate more leads digitally.

1.  Turn IRL visitors into URL Traffic: You’ve hauled your entire department across several states, have enough signage and product to build a small shelter and still don’t know exactly what to expect from this trade show.  One thing you know for sure is that you will hand out a ton of swag. You’ve purchased it for this very event. So, why not get the most out of this expense. Don’t just give away those mugs and mouse pads with your company logo on them. Instead, give out redeemable coupons for custom swag gifts.  Offer a nice personalize swag gift delivered to your booth visitor’s doorstep. This will have three main benefits. It’s a strong reminder of the conversations you had with them weeks later. It’s a personalize experience that they will come to expect when engaging as a customer and in order to get it they now have to visit your website. You also have more information about this prospect than you had just handing them a product.
B2B Tip:  Offer a personalize swag gift that’s company specific or co-branded for that particular company. 
2.   Transform your amazing digital content into compelling Sales collateral: Do you have a piece of content that’s performing really well? That eBook that has hundreds of downloads can drive traffic in other ways. Make a shorter hard copy version that your sales team can take with them to their customer meetings. It’s a great strategy for engaging with this new potential customer. If the prospect likes the collateral, recommend they download the full content online. No matter where that lead is in the sales funnel you now have another way to stay in touch and market to them automatically.
3.  Hashtag searches: Those hashtags have multiple resourceful uses. You can do more than get found -- you can also find the right customers to engage with. Create a list of hashtags that are relative to your products and services. Head over to whatever social media platform your customers can be found engaging on (that also supports hashtags) and start searching. You will start to find people that are likely in need of connecting with your business. Make the connection and start a marketing automation campaign specifically for engaging with those potential customers. 
4.    Be a valuable resource everywhere: The key to great content online is creating content that is useful, helpful and original. If you’re doing that online with your digital marketing strategy, why not do that in real life by hosting a workshop or a meetup group aimed at providing information that people are looking for. Once they've signed up, stay in touch by collecting their emails and phone numbers. Imagine a car dealership hosting a workshop on the basics of car maintenance or finances. Their foot traffic would automatically increase and they now have a welcome and useful reason to email potential car buyers.
5.    Industry Report Infographic: Every year research companies publish reports on almost every industry you could think of. Rarely is it in a format that the average person can quickly understand or even care to read. You as an industry leader now have a prime opportunity to create a valuable piece of digital marketing content. The most amazing thing is an infographic created using an industry report and it’s easily optimized for SEO. This is information people are actively looking for, it’s useful, timely and relevant.
We hope this is helpful. If you try our ideas, let us know what results you receive. For more information on lead generation and digital marketing with BP Studios contact us.

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