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November 21, 2013 by Josh Adams

BP Studios Currency ConvertorDo you have customers and clients in other countries buying on your eCommerce sites? That's great! But if you do, chances are you have to deal with the headache that is currency conversion. BP Studios has your easy solution: the Currency Converter.

Using Kentico CMS we can give you, the site owner, the opportunity to easily create new currencies and exchange rates inside of your eCommerce module. Whatever currencies you select then surface as options in the "shopping cart" screen. Here the customer can choose their preferred currency. Their end price will reflect the exchange rate that is associated with that currency.

This sounds like great functionality, and it is! But at BP Studios we thought that in order for this to be truly useful the rates would have to change on their own depending on the current exchange rate markets. We don't want you to be stuck using an old exchange rate which may not be accurate. Otherwise you could be overcharging or undercharging.

Our Currency Converter Utility takes all of the exchange rates in your site, and updates the rates based on a web request that fetches the up to date rates from:

Also, our Currency Converter Utility supports having numerous main currencies. Since the exchange rates are in relation to the US dollar by default, we added a special feature that can take the main currency you elect for your site and get the associated real-time rate. If your main currency isn't in US Dollars the computer does all the math for you!

The Currency Converter is available free of charge and can be downloaded from this url: Download Here.

Of course, call us or email us for any help and guidance.

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This post written by Josh. Josh started working for BP Studios in September of 2012. When Josh isn't programming or working on currency converters, he enjoys spending time outside, playing soccer, running, and riding motorcycles.

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