Content Personalization

April 10, 2015 by Mary Liz Entwistle

Your business is anything but generic. So don’t settle for generic content. You can easily customize your digital network so that your customers get the information that is most relevant to their personal interests. When you go to a physical store, you can tell a salesperson about your goals and interests and they can point you in the right direction. Your website can do the same with the different types of data it collects on a person:

  • Demographics: A visitor’s IP address can provide location, so you can recommend services available in their area. If a visitor fills out a registration form on your website you can learn even more about them as an individual.

  • Context: What brought this visitor to your site? Did they search for a specific product or service that you offer? Or did they click on an ad or social link for your latest blog post? Whatever drew this person to your site is key to telling us to tailor content.

  • Behavior: Once they’ve arrived at your site, what pages did they visit? If a visitor spends a lot of time browsing your articles, for example, you can prompt them to sign up for your newsletter to stay up to date.

Responding directly to your visitors’ wishes boosts customer engagement, loyalty, conversions and revenue. See Content Personalization in action in this video:


To learn more about how you can use content personalization on your site, contact us at today.

For more about personalization, check out our post on marketing personas and our personalization and segmentation whitepaper.


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