Who are you? An Introduction to Marketing Personas

April 10, 2015 by Mary Liz Entwistle

When we look to develop a personalized experience, the more we know about a particular customer, the better we can adjust content to meet their needs and interests. However, we certainly cannot meet every individual who comes to our website and build a unique site just for them. What we can do, is develop marketing personas, or archetypal characters that represent the different user types within a targeted demographic, attitude or behavior set.
We can use these personas to anticipate the varied interests of segmented groups of visitors to our site, and target content for personalized experiences for each category.

How do Personas work? Let’s break it down:

  • Identify the goals, desires and limitations of your customers. Why do they buy what they buy?

  • Build persona profiles and set rules for each persona - age range, education level, social interest, job status, etc.

  • When someone visits your site and matches a persona profile, your content will automatically adjust to recommend pages or products matching their interests.

  • Track analytics to find which types of personas make better customers, and develop those leads.

To learn more about how to build personas for your site and create targeted marketing content, contact us today at info@bpstudios.com.

For more about personalization, download our personalization and segmentation whitepaper.

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