What is Content Marketing?

October 14, 2014 by Allison Carter

You know you need to invest in it: content marketing.  But what is it and what can it really do for you?

Content marketing is taking a look at your entire online presence and content to make sure that you are maximizing your company's visibility.  By holistically looking at where you want your business to be, you can move forward with more purpose.  This, of course, leads to more sales!

What content marketing is not, is doing everything just because your competition is doing it.  To be successful with a good content marketing campaign, you need to really understand what your end goals are.  Then everything in your content marketing should lead to those goals.

Are your goals online sales? Leads? Advocacy? Ticket sales for an event?  Whatever the end goal -- know what it is and where you want the user experience to end.

If you don't understand your goal, you'll get lost and be weak on what really matters for you.

Content marketing starts first and foremost with your web content.  Your website needs to be SEO optimized for your keywords.  To get started on understanding what SEO is all about, read our article hereTo learn what your keywords are read our article here.  But everything in content marketing starts by taking a good, hard look at your prime online real estate: your website.

Your website's pages should make sense.  The website's navigation should be easy to follow and engage with.  For example, if online sales is your company's ultimate goal, then the shop page shouldn't be hidden or buried and the shop page should be maximized with the most gorgeous photos and enticing descriptions of your product.

From there, your social media profiles should contain keywords and descriptions that match what is on your website.  Start to implement your social media strategically to fall in line with your ultimate goal.  Again, if that is online sales, in addition to sharing relevant industry news and reaching out to engage with your target demographic, your social media posts should drive people to come to your shop.

The third part of a successful content marketing campaign involves relevant, well written, and well timed blog posts.  If you still aren't convinced that having a blog matters, please take a moment to read our article about why your business needs a blog.

Content marketing is an important piece of an overall, strategic marketing campaign that your company needs to spend some time implementing.

Want help with your content marketing?  Contact us today to get started.

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